Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Environmental Club and Youth Empowerment in Pikine

Environmental Club and Youth Empowerment in Pikine

In efforts to raise awareness about pollution, and to sensitize youth in the Pikine, a neighborhood of Dakar, Thierno and I have helped to establish an environmental club. We hope that this club will help to empower young people in Pikine area to take action in their community in order to make living conditions better for all. We are planning to organize the club’s first neighborhood cleanup on May 11, along with students from my school, children and adults from Pikine. One important thing to have in mind for the success of this club is to make sure that it stays sustainable. We chose to target the youth because we believe that they are able to make positive changes and they have the potentials to do so. Hopefully, after the cleanup the club will work on recycling programs and many other things such as planting trees and being involved in different community activities. We hope that the club will empower and educate the youth in Pikine in the way that others will benefit from it. As a result, the young people will be able to make a difference in their neighborhood and make positive changes. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Outcome of Ouakam Market

The Outcome of Ouakam Market

My partner and I went to Ouakam to do a survey, the place we were supposed to cleanup. Surprisingly, we found out that the place didn’t need cleaning. We realized that there are more places in Dakar that are in need; therefore we decided to change the location. My classmates, who were doing another project in Pikine, mentioned that Pikine needed one because they perceived much trash in that area. So, we decided to go visit that place; and see what we can do to solve the issue as a group. Based on this case, I learned that it is always important to figure out the problem before the solution.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

G.I.N Project Proposal

Assist Ouakam Market to Take Better Care of Wastes (Plastic and Garbage)!

        In Global Network (G.I.N) class, we are assigned to work on a project. My partner, Thierno, and I, decided to work with the population of Ouakam Market in order to reduce the amount of waste-especially plastic on its grounds. It is noticeable that all of Dakar is full of plastic wastes; however, we thought that it would be too large area to cover. Therefore, we chose to focus on the Ouakam Market because it has a more manageable size. Our goal is to help the population of Ouakam Market to increase the care of the market wastes (plastic and trash), in order to have a cleaner environment and reduce exposure to disease.

            We created a survey that will help us to have more objective understanding of the issue. It is always relevant to have people’s opinion; in that case we can have clear information. When we made the survey, we thought about questions that are directly relevant to answer our matter, so that we know exactly what we will work on. However, we just don’t come and go straight to do the assessment; of course we need practice. After doing the survey, we are going to choose one issue that strike the population the most and try to solve it.

 If the populations decide that their principle concern is they do not have a can to deposit their garbage (wastes). That means, we have to come up with some kind of cans they can use. Nevertheless, we need money to purchase those cans. It does not seem to be a problem; we can try out different options that can help us gather the money we need. Option one can be doing fund raising to collect money, or talk to people who have means to help us out. Another option that can facilitate our job is talking to the Mayor, if they can offer us garbage bins. Let’s do it Senegal is an environmental association that can helps us as well. However, a garbage canister is not always a good choice because people can pinch it all the time, therefore, we can only consider it as one possibility. As a result, it can reduce the amount of waste on the market ground and make sure that the population are delighted. This strategy demonstrates only an example, which means our procedure will depend on the populations principle concerns after the survey.

            After obtaining an extraordinary success in Ouakam market, then we can try it out in different places in Dakar. Of course, we have to think about how to make it sustainable. In another word, if we ever decide to place garbage cans on the place, how we are going to make sure that is not going to be stolen. It is very important to consider sustainability because if not all the work we have done can turn out inadequate. Thierno, and I, are going to think about a way to make our work maintainable, so that the population itself can take care of the rest. We can make it happen, but only if the populations and we believe that it is something that can be done. We need encouragement and support in order to achieve our goals and I believe we can make it achievable.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Global Regulatory Approaches: Intellectual Property Rights

Global Regulatory Approaches: Intellectual Property Rights

In nowadays, our planet is facing many difficulties relating to the new technology. According to internet world stats, about 2 billion people and a half use internet. This means that people are free to do whatever they feel on the internet. One of the reasons we should set a law to control how people are using the internet. As a result, Intellectual property rights were created, in order to avoid people stealing other people’s idea. However, Intellectual property rights benefit more big businesses than little businesses.  

It is great to have laws that defend people’s right, but that law supposed to be equal for everyone or every business. It should not be beneficial only for one side and not the other. Sometimes big companies or businesses take the advantage of their power and their money to erase the little ones. They have so much money that they can control anyone or company they want to. They are applying that same power on intellectual property right to expunge the little companies. For example, Chick Fil A, a big chicken restaurant in United States, they were claiming that some little businesses were copying exactly their own work and it was not exactly the same. According to intellectual property rights law, it is consider as stealing other people’s idea. Therefore, they shut those little businesses applying IPR. However, we all know how monopoly companies work in general, so it wasn't a surprise that they use IPR for excuse to shut them. So, IPR was an advantage and occasion for them in order to shut those businesses. This case shows how big businesses benefit more on IPR than little business.

The reason why an intellectual property right is not always beneficial for little businesses is because they don’t have the means as the big ones do. We are in an unfair world, where some people are favored than others, it is the same iniquitous in the business world. In my opinion, I don’t think that intellectual property rights laws benefit everyone. Based on what I sow on chick Fil A case, it is not fair that they shut those small businesses because they have couple similarity somehow. Indeed, people change ideas around the world, not to copy what others work, but to improve.

Personally, I think that intellectual property rights are great in one hand, because it is not okay to steal somebody else’s idea for free. But, in another hand it is not distributed equally, in another word they benefit more big businesses than little ones, which is not fair. As Ndeye stated on her presentation, intellectual property rights are not needed as much on static economy compare to new world economy. In my opinion, they should change a little bit the intellectual property rights law, so that it can be beneficial for every business and every individual.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poverty: Sharing our humanity
  According to the World Bank, three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day nearly the half of the world population. Furthermore, there is a tremendous gap between the have and have not. For instance, the income per capita of poor countries is $700 compare to the Western income per capita according to Rejaul Karim. Poverty must be number one concern of all the global issues, because it affects many others, and it is the heart of global problems.

Why poverty is a global concern? Poverty abstracts people progress, meaning people do not have satisfying basic needs such as, water, shelter, and food. In some country, women walks miles and miles just to look for water and we all know the importance of water on daily life. Water is not the only issue that poor people face, but also food. Those people eat only one meal per day even for that they have to struggle in order to get it. Lots of kids in developing countries died from starvation, mainly because their parents do not have the means to feed them three times a day.  Some people do not have any shelter; therefore they cut trees to build their houses which caused deforestation. All of those issues are caused by poverty.

Poverty affects the health of people. Lots of people from the developing countries died from global infectious disease such as HI, malaria, and tuberculosis. Medicine is very developed now; so one of the reasons it is very expensive to afford a doctor. Some people are too poor that they cannot even afford a mosquito net to protect themselves against malaria. Tuberculosis can be cure but it is very expensive to do so, therefore lots of poor people die from it because they cannot afford it. HIV cannot be cure, however there is some medicine that can calm it down, but even to do that you must have money. If we fight against poverty, the mortality rate can be reduced.

Poverty prevents educational opportunity. According to Rischard, one in six people on this planet cannot read or write. Education is very important in life, unfortunately some people in the developing countries cannot afford to go school. For instance, in Senegal there is more public school than private school, but still some people can’t go to school. Therefore, the only thing they care about is how can they feed themselves, and they never have the time to think about putting kids to school. If poverty is solve, a lot of people can go to school and make positive change in the world because they do not have to worry about getting food.

Personally, I think that poverty can be solve if we all react together to the problem and never wait on others in order to start. Each single one of us can make a big difference, for example stop throwing food away and think about there are millions of people who are starving to death. Poverty is number one global concern because if we succeed to solve it, the rest will be easier to eradicate.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

 The planet is a home for 7 billion people, which is not easy to handle. Today, the fast growth of technology and the emerging economies have negative effects that threaten our planet. In Rishard’s book High Noon, he highlights that one out five people on this planet depends on fish as their primary protein. In these days, oceans are being depleted of fish every day, and the more the populations increase the greater the demand for fish. This means that, if we do not stop fishery depletion, the ocean is going to be destabilized and it will have nefarious consequences in our planet.

The main cause of fishery depletion is over-fishing  Nowadays fishermen use giant boats that can catch millions of fish a day. The worst part is sometimes they catch so much fish that they do not realize they are taking out baby fishes. Then afterwards, they do not know how to deal with it and they throw it away. If we do not stop over fishing in the coming years, there will be a massive reduction of fish in the ocean and the extinction of many species.

Some people may wonder why fishery depletion is a global problem and not a local problem. Fish travel with ocean currents; they don’t stay in one place for a long period of time. Over-fishing in one part of the world is related to reduce availability in other parts of the world. Another reason is fish eats another type of fish in order to survive.  For instance, some fish eats shrimps in order to survive and sometimes too much of them are being taking way which will affect the food chain of the ecosystem.  Therefore we should do something, as global citizens in order to eradicate this phenomenon.

For instance, Senegal has suffered dreadful consequences caused by the giant fishing boats owned by Europeans and Asians. The previous President Abdoulaye Wade sold the fishery licenses for financial reasons to the Europeans. It allowed the Europeans and Asians to exploit the Senegalese fish resources at will. As a result, local Senegalese fisherman had problems to catch fish because the ocean is   being depleted by those giant boats. However, Senegalese are significant consumers of fish. Local fisherman and population complained that fish were hard to come by. Therefore, the current president Macky Sall bought the fishery licenses again. This means that among other countries, Russia, Japan and Korea will not have access to the Senegalese coast.
While this is one example of how to stop current over-fishing we have to find long-term solutions to replenish the ocean and to prevent future abuse of its resources. This is an important issue that requires all of our efforts so that we may be able to feed future generations.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My name is Khadidiatou Agne, and I am from Senegal. I'm a student from  the International School of Dakar (ISD). I'm a senior this year, and I'm taking Global Issues Network( GIN) class. Basically, the purpose of creating this blog, is to address and find solutions for the twenty pressing  globale issues.